What Happened to Lori in That ’70s Show? Unveiling the Fate of a Beloved Character

What Happened to Lori in That ’70s Show? Unveiling the Fate of a Beloved Character

That ’70s Show, a popular sitcom that aired from 1998 to 2006, was beloved by many fans for its hilarious portrayal of a group of teenagers growing up in the 1970s. The show’s ensemble cast brought laughter and nostalgia to viewers around the world, but one character’s absence left fans wondering, “What happened to Lori in That ’70s Show?” In this article, we will delve into the fate of this beloved character and uncover the reasons behind her disappearance.

The Role of Lori in That ’70s Show

Lori Forman, portrayed by actress Lisa Robin Kelly, played an integral role in the early seasons of That ’70s Show. As the older sister of main character Eric Forman, Lori brought a dose of sibling rivalry, humor, and drama to the show. Her character’s interactions with the rest of the cast, particularly her on-again-off-again relationship with her boyfriend Kelso, added depth and complexity to the storyline.

The Unexpected Departure

Unfortunately, Lori’s presence on That ’70s Show was short-lived. After appearing in the first five seasons, Lisa Robin Kelly left the show, leaving fans puzzled about her sudden departure. Speculation arose, and rumors swirled regarding the reasons behind her exit.

Struggles Outside of the Show

It was later revealed that Lisa Robin Kelly’s departure from That ’70s Show was due to personal struggles. The actress battled with substance abuse issues, which affected her performance and ultimately led to her leaving the show. This revelation shed light on the difficulties Kelly faced behind the scenes, and it became evident that her departure was a necessary step for her well-being.

The Legacy of Lori

Despite her early departure, Lori’s character left a lasting impact on That ’70s Show. Her on-screen presence, along with her complex relationships and comedic timing, contributed to the show’s success in its early years. Fans continue to remember and appreciate her character’s contributions to the storyline, even years after the show concluded.

Remembering Lori and Honoring Her Legacy

In the years following her departure from That ’70s Show, Lisa Robin Kelly faced personal challenges and tragic events. Her struggles and the untimely end to her life serve as a reminder of the importance of mental health and addiction awareness. While fans still wonder what could have been for Lori’s character in the later seasons, it is crucial to focus on the impact she had during her time on the show and the importance of supporting those battling their own demons.


While the fate of Lori in That ’70s Show may not have been the desired outcome for fans, it is essential to understand the reasons behind her departure. Lisa Robin Kelly faced personal difficulties that affected her ability to continue on the show. Despite her early exit, Lori’s character has left an indelible mark on the hearts of That ’70s Show fans, reminding us of the power of great performances and the importance of addressing mental health issues with compassion and understanding.




1. What was Lori’s role in That ’70s Show?

Lori was a recurring character in That ’70s Show and played the role of Eric Forman’s sister.

2. Why did Lori leave That ’70s Show?

Lori’s departure from That ’70s Show was mainly due to creative reasons as the show’s writers felt her character no longer fit into the overall storyline.

3. When did Lori make her last appearance on That ’70s Show?

Lori made her last appearance on That ’70s Show in the second episode of the sixth season titled “Join Together.”

4. Did Lori’s character return after leaving the show?

No, Lori’s character did not make any further appearances on That ’70s Show after her departure.

5. What was the reason behind Lori’s absence in the later seasons?

The show’s writers explained Lori’s absence from the later seasons by stating that she was attending college out of state.

6. Was there any mention of Lori’s character after she left?

Although Lori’s character did not physically appear after her departure, there were occasional references made to her by other characters in later seasons.

7. Did the show address the reasons for Lori’s absence?

Yes, the show explained the reasons for Lori’s absence, indicating that she was away at college, which was mentioned in dialogues between the other characters.

8. Were there any plans to bring Lori back to the show?

There were no known plans to bring Lori’s character back to That ’70s Show after her departure.

9. How did fans react to Lori’s departure?

Lori’s departure received mixed reactions from fans of That ’70s Show. Some fans expressed disappointment while others understood the reasons behind her exit.

10. Did the absence of Lori affect the overall storyline of That ’70s Show?

While Lori’s departure did impact the character dynamics within the show, the overall storyline of That ’70s Show continued to progress without her character.