What happened to Damon on Pose: Exploring the Fate of this Beloved Character

What happened to Damon on Pose: Exploring the Fate of this Beloved Character

The Rise and Popularity of Damon on Pose

Damon is one of the beloved characters from the hit TV show Pose, which revolves around the LGBTQ+ ballroom culture in New York City during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Played by actor Ryan Jamaal Swain, Damon is a young and talented dancer who finds himself navigating the vibrant but challenging world of ballroom competitions.

Damon’s Journey and Growth

Throughout the series, Damon undergoes a transformative journey as he discovers his true passion for dance and seeks acceptance within the ballroom community. Starting as a teenager with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, Damon faces various obstacles and personal struggles along the way. His character arc highlights the themes of self-acceptance, love, and following one’s dreams.

The Unexpected Twist: Damon’s Departure

As the show progresses, fans of Pose were taken by surprise when Damon’s character departs from the story. In the second season, Damon decides to pursue a scholarship at the prestigious dance school, despite the reluctance of his mentor and love interest, Ricky. This departure left fans curious about what happened to Damon and whether he would ever return to the show.

The Possible Explanations

There are several theories and speculations surrounding Damon’s departure from Pose. One possibility is that the show’s creators wanted to emphasize the transient nature of relationships and personal journeys within the ballroom community. Another explanation could be that the departure served as a way to introduce new characters and storylines, keeping the show fresh and unpredictable.

Fans’ Reaction and Disappointment

While Pose continues to garner critical acclaim, some fans expressed disappointment and even felt a void without Damon’s character. They had become emotionally invested in his story and were looking forward to witnessing his further growth and success. However, it is worth noting that Pose has always been about showcasing a diverse range of characters and their unique narratives, which inherently requires characters to come and go.

Legacy and Impact of Damon’s Character

Although Damon’s departure may have left some fans wanting more, his character’s impact cannot be ignored. Damon’s portrayal as a young gay man of color chasing his dreams in a world that often faced discrimination and adversity resonated with many viewers. His character provided representation and inspiration for individuals who faced similar struggles.

Moving Forward: Future Possibilities

As the series progresses, there is always a possibility that Damon’s character might make a comeback, even if in a limited capacity. The world of Pose is ever-changing and filled with surprises, and the creators have continued to introduce new characters and storylines that keep viewers engaged. Whether Damon returns or not, the legacy of his character and the impact he had on the show will always be remembered.


Damon’s character on Pose captivated audiences with his charm, talent, and personal journey. While his departure may have disappointed some fans, it opened up new opportunities for the show to explore different narratives and characters. Whether Damon returns or not, his legacy as an inspirational figure within the LGBTQ+ ballroom community will always be remembered. Pose continues to shine a light on underrepresented stories and remains a truly groundbreaking series.


1. What happened to Damon on Pose?

Damon, played by actor Ryan Jamaal Swain, leaves the series at the end of Season 2 after accepting a dance scholarship to Europe.

2. Why did Damon leave Pose?

Damon decided to leave Pose to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional dancer. He was offered a dance scholarship in Europe, which he couldn’t turn down.

3. Will Damon return to Pose in future seasons?

While there is always a possibility for character returns in television shows, as of now, there has been no official announcement of Damon’s return to the series.

4. How did fans react to Damon’s departure?

Fans of the show had mixed reactions to Damon’s departure. While some understood the character’s desire to pursue his dreams, others expressed their sadness and will miss seeing Damon in the series.

5. Which season of Pose was Damon’s last?

Damon’s last season on Pose was Season 2.

6. Are there any references to Damon after his departure?

After Damon’s departure, he is occasionally mentioned by other characters in the series, highlighting the impact he had on their lives during his time on the show.

7. Did Ryan Jamaal Swain have any input in Damon’s storyline?

Ryan Jamaal Swain, the actor who portrayed Damon, had collaborative conversations with the show’s creators and writers about his character’s storyline. Swain provided input and ideas to shape Damon’s arc.

8. Was Damon’s departure anticipated by the show’s creators?

Yes, Damon’s departure from the series was planned by the show’s creators from the beginning. It was part of the overall storytelling and character development on the show.

9. Did Damon’s departure impact the storyline of other characters on Pose?

While Damon’s departure had an emotional impact on several characters, especially those close to him, it didn’t significantly alter the overall storyline of the show. The narrative continued to focus on the remaining characters and their lives within the ballroom scene.

10. What legacy did Damon leave behind on Pose?

Damon’s character left a lasting legacy on Pose as a talented dancer who overcame personal struggles and inspired others with his passion. His presence highlighted the importance of pursuing dreams and staying true to oneself in the face of adversity.