What Happened on the Last Episode of Green Acres: Unraveling the Twists and Turns of the Iconic TV Show Finale

What Happened on the Last Episode of Green Acres: Unraveling the Twists and Turns of the Iconic TV Show Finale

The Last Episode of Green Acres: Unraveling the Twists and Turns of the Iconic TV Show Finale


Green Acres, a popular American sitcom that aired from 1965 to 1971, left fans with bittersweet emotions when it aired its final episode. The show, known for its humorous take on rural life, captured the hearts of audiences across the nation. In this article, we will dive into the last episode of Green Acres, exploring the twists and turns that made it memorable.

The Departing Characters

In the final episode, titled “The Ex-Secretary,” we bid farewell to some beloved characters. The main character, Oliver Douglas (played by Eddie Albert), and his wife Lisa (played by Eva Gabor), decide to leave the fictional town of Hooterville and return to New York City. This decision marks a significant turning point in the show as the characters bid adieu to their quirky friends and idyllic farm life.

Reflecting on the Journey

As the characters prepare for their departure, the episode takes a nostalgic turn, allowing viewers to reflect on the journey they have embarked on alongside Oliver and Lisa. Flashbacks of memorable moments over the years evoke a sense of nostalgia and bring forth a wave of emotions. This trip down memory lane allows fans to appreciate the growth and development of the characters throughout the series.

A Twist of Fate

Just as Oliver and Lisa are about to leave Hooterville, a twist of fate occurs. The Douglas’ former secretary, who had been infatuated with Oliver for years, reveals that she won a substantial sum of money in the lottery. This unexpected turn of events leaves Oliver torn between his loyalty to Lisa and his financial stability. The episode builds suspense as viewers eagerly await Oliver’s decision.

The Final Decision

Oliver’s character undergoes a transformation in the last episode of Green Acres. After much deliberation, he decides to choose love over money and stays with Lisa. This final decision reinforces the values of true love and loyalty that the show has emphasized throughout its run. The heartwarming resolution serves as a message to viewers, highlighting the importance of prioritizing relationships over material wealth.

Farewell to Hooterville

With their decision made, Oliver and Lisa bid farewell to Hooterville, their friends, and their beloved farm. The episode concludes with a heartwarming scene of the couple driving away in their car, looking back at the farm one last time. This poignant moment signifies the end of an era and leaves viewers with a mix of sadness and satisfaction.

Legacy of Green Acres

Green Acres left an indelible mark on television history, with its unique blend of comedy and satire. The show tackled various societal issues while providing wholesome entertainment for millions of viewers. Its finale cemented its place as one of the most beloved sitcoms of its time.


The last episode of Green Acres was filled with twists and turns, culminating in a heartfelt resolution. As fans said goodbye to their favorite characters and the show concluded its run, it left a lasting impression on television history. The memorable moments, the character growth, and the overarching message of the show continue to resonate with audiences, ensuring Green Acres’ place as an iconic TV series.


1. What was the title of the last episode of Green Acres?

The title of the last episode of Green Acres was “The Ex-Secretary”.

2. When did the last episode of Green Acres air?

The last episode of Green Acres aired on April 27, 1971.

3. Who were the main characters in the final episode?

The main characters in the final episode were Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert) and Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor).

4. What was the general plot of the last episode?

In the last episode, Oliver and Lisa Douglas try to sell their farm and move back to New York City, facing various challenges along the way.

5. Did the final episode provide closure to the series?

Yes, the final episode provided closure to the series by resolving major plotlines and giving the characters a definitive ending.

6. Were any new characters introduced in the last episode?

No, there were no new characters introduced in the last episode. It focused mainly on the main cast.

7. Did Green Acres end on a happy note?

Yes, Green Acres ended on a generally happy note with the characters finding resolution and a sense of contentment in their lives.

8. Did the last episode feature any memorable guest stars?

No, the last episode did not feature any notable guest stars. It primarily focused on the main characters and their storylines.

9. Did the last episode leave any unanswered questions or loose ends?

No, the last episode tied up loose ends and resolved the major storylines, leaving no unanswered questions.

10. How was the last episode received by fans and critics?

The last episode of Green Acres was generally well-received by fans and critics, who appreciated the closure and conclusion it provided to the beloved series.