What Episode of Tanked is Roman Atwood On? Exploring the TV Show Appearance of the Famous YouTuber and Vlogger

What Episode of Tanked is Roman Atwood On? Exploring the TV Show Appearance of the Famous YouTuber and Vlogger

What Episode of Tanked is Roman Atwood On?

Roman Atwood, the famous YouTuber and vlogger known for his pranks and comedic videos, made a guest appearance on the popular TV show, “Tanked”. For fans of both Roman Atwood and the show, this was an exciting and highly anticipated episode. If you’re wondering what episode Roman Atwood is on, sit back and read on as we explore his appearance on “Tanked”.

Who is Roman Atwood?

Roman Atwood is a YouTube sensation with over 15 million subscribers and billions of views on his channel. He gained popularity through his hilarious pranks, vlogs, and sketches. Roman’s content is known for being family-friendly and entertaining.

What is “Tanked”?

“Tanked” is a reality TV show that follows the operations of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), a company that specializes in designing and building unique aquariums. The show features the custom aquariums created by ATM and the interesting clients who commission them.

Roman Atwood on “Tanked”

Roman Atwood appeared on Season 13, Episode 6 of “Tanked”, which aired in May 2017. The episode is titled “Roman Atwood’s Tanked-Up Pranks”. In this episode, Roman collaborates with ATM to create a one-of-a-kind aquarium prank for his wedding anniversary.

The Prank Aquarium

In “Roman Atwood’s Tanked-Up Pranks”, Roman comes up with a prank to surprise his wife, Brittney. Together with the ATM team, they create an aquarium filled with remote-controlled toys and hidden compartments. The prank involves Roman in a scuba suit operating the toys to play pranks on his unsuspecting wife. It is a lighthearted and entertaining segment that showcases Roman’s creativity and love for pranks.

Creating the Aquarium

The episode also takes viewers behind the scenes as ATM designs and constructs the prank aquarium. The team at ATM works closely with Roman to bring his vision to life, incorporating the remote-controlled toys and ensuring the aquarium is both functional and visually appealing.

The Reveal

The highlight of the episode is the reveal of the prank aquarium to Brittney. Roman anxiously waits for her reaction as she discovers the hidden surprises within the tank. The reveal is filled with laughter and excitement, showcasing the success of the prank and the joy it brings to Roman and his wife.

Reception and Impact

Following the episode, fans of both Roman Atwood and “Tanked” expressed their enthusiasm and positive feedback. Many praised Roman’s creativity and the entertainment factor of the prank. The episode also introduced “Tanked” viewers to Roman Atwood’s content, resulting in new fans for both parties.

In Conclusion

Roman Atwood’s appearance on “Tanked” was an exciting collaboration that showcased his comedic talent and ATM’s innovative designs. The episode, “Roman Atwood’s Tanked-Up Pranks”, was a hit among fans of both Roman Atwood and the show. If you’re a fan of Roman Atwood or enjoy watching unique aquarium creations, this is definitely an episode worth checking out!


1. What is the TV show “Tanked” about?

The TV show “Tanked” is a reality series that follows the operations of the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) company, which specializes in building custom fish tanks.

2. Who is Roman Atwood?

Roman Atwood is a famous YouTuber and vlogger known for his prank videos, vlogs, and family-friendly content.

3. When did Roman Atwood appear on the TV show “Tanked”?

Roman Atwood appeared on “Tanked” in Season 8, Episode 5, titled “YouTube’s Tanked,” which aired on September 23, 2016.

4. What was the concept of the tank built for Roman Atwood on “Tanked”?

The tank built for Roman Atwood on “Tanked” had a theme inspired by his YouTube channel, featuring elements like his logo, pranks, and his signature phrase “Smile More.”

5. How did Roman Atwood react to his tank on “Tanked”?

Roman Atwood was extremely thrilled and appreciative of the tank built for him on “Tanked.” He loved the personalized design and how it reflected his YouTube persona.

6. What was the size and capacity of Roman Atwood’s tank on “Tanked”?

Roman Atwood’s tank on “Tanked” was a 2,600-gallon fish tank, custom-built to fit the specifications of his desired design and accommodate a variety of aquatic species.

7. Did Roman Atwood have any input in the design of his tank on “Tanked”?

Yes, Roman Atwood had significant input in the design process of his tank on “Tanked.” The team at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing collaborated with him to incorporate elements that represented his YouTube career.

8. Did Roman Atwood add any personal touches to his tank on “Tanked”?

Yes, Roman Atwood added personal touches to his tank on “Tanked.” He included items like his Play Button awards and custom-designed LED lighting to enhance the overall aesthetic.

9. What challenges did the team face while building Roman Atwood’s tank on “Tanked”?

The team faced challenges such as the size of the tank, which required precision in construction and installation. They also had to ensure that the design elements accurately portrayed Roman Atwood’s brand.

10. Are there any other YouTubers or celebrities who have appeared on “Tanked”?

Yes, “Tanked” has featured several other YouTubers and celebrities, including Tracy Morgan, Marshawn Lynch, and NBA player Ty Dolla $ign, among others.