What Episode of Modern Family Does Millie Bobby Brown Appear In?

What Episode of Modern Family Does Millie Bobby Brown Appear In?

What Episode of Modern Family Does Millie Bobby Brown Appear In?

Millie Bobby Brown, known for her breakout role as Eleven on the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” has also made a guest appearance on the popular TV show “Modern Family.” Fans of both shows were thrilled to see Brown bring her talent to the hilarious and heartwarming comedy series.

Millie Bobby Brown in Modern Family

Millie Bobby Brown appeared in Season 9, Episode 14 of “Modern Family” titled “Written in the Stars,” which aired on February 7, 2018. In this episode, Brown played the character of Lizzie, a young girl who enters the scene with a mix of confidence and sass, capturing the attention of the show’s beloved characters.

Her character, Lizzie, interacts with Manny Delgado, played by Rico Rodriguez, in a series of comedic and lighthearted moments. Brown’s natural charm and comedic timing shine through in her performance, making her appearance on “Modern Family” a standout moment.

The Plot of “Written in the Stars”

In “Written in the Stars,” the Dunphy family decides to spend a day at the science museum, where Manny coincidentally ends up crossing paths with Lizzie. As the two explore the museum together, an instant connection forms between them. Lizzie’s outgoing personality is a refreshing change for Manny, and their interactions provide some delightful moments of comedy.

The episode revolves around the theme of fate and how different relationships are formed through random encounters. Lizzie’s appearance adds a touch of youthful energy to the storyline, showcasing the dynamic range of the show and its ability to incorporate guest stars seamlessly.

The Impact of Millie Bobby Brown’s Appearance

Millie Bobby Brown’s appearance on “Modern Family” generated a lot of excitement among fans of both shows. Her portrayal of Lizzie brought a breath of fresh air to the already well-established dynamic of the show’s characters.

Many viewers appreciated seeing Brown’s versatility as an actress, proving that she can excel in both dramatic and comedic roles. Her natural charisma and ability to hold her own against the seasoned cast members of “Modern Family” further solidified her talent and potential in the entertainment industry.


Millie Bobby Brown’s appearance on “Modern Family” was a highly anticipated and well-received guest spot. Fans of the actress and the show were delighted to see her bring her unique charm and talent to the beloved comedy series.

Her role as Lizzie in Season 9, Episode 14, titled “Written in the Stars,” showcased her ability to captivate viewers with her comedic timing and on-screen presence. Her performance added a new dynamic to the show, further highlighting the versatility and talent of this young actress.

For fans who may have missed this episode, it’s definitely worth a watch to see Brown’s memorable performance on “Modern Family.”


1. Which episode of Modern Family does Millie Bobby Brown appear in?

The episode is called “Closet? You’ll Love It!”

2. What season is “Closet? You’ll Love It!” from?

It is from the fourth season of Modern Family.

3. When was this episode originally aired?

“Closet? You’ll Love It!” first aired on October 10, 2012.

4. What role does Millie Bobby Brown play in this episode?

Millie Bobby Brown plays the character named Lizzie.

5. What is the storyline of “Closet? You’ll Love It!”?

The storyline revolves around Phil Dunphy and his real estate class assignment, where he has to sell a house to a celebrity client, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

6. Is this Millie Bobby Brown’s first appearance on Modern Family?

Yes, “Closet? You’ll Love It!” marks Millie Bobby Brown’s first and only appearance on the show.

7. What are some other popular TV shows Millie Bobby Brown has appeared in?

Millie Bobby Brown gained significant recognition for her role as Eleven in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. She has also appeared in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Intruders.

8. How old was Millie Bobby Brown when she appeared on Modern Family?

Millie Bobby Brown was around 8 years old during the filming of “Closet? You’ll Love It!”

9. Did Millie Bobby Brown receive any awards for her performance in Stranger Things?

Yes, Millie Bobby Brown has received several awards and nominations for her portrayal of Eleven, including an Emmy nomination and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

10. Is there any connection between Millie Bobby Brown’s character Lizzie and the main characters of Modern Family?

Lizzie is a client of Phil Dunphy, who is a main character in Modern Family. However, there is no long-term connection established between Lizzie and the main characters beyond this episode.