What Episode Does Tony Leave NCIS? Unraveling the Departure of a Beloved Character

What Episode Does Tony Leave NCIS? Unraveling the Departure of a Beloved Character

Unraveling the Departure of a Beloved Character: What Episode Does Tony Leave NCIS?

NCIS, the long-running crime procedural series, has captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. For many fans, one of the highlights of the show has been the charming and quick-witted character, Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo, portrayed by Michael Weatherly. However, in every fan’s heart, there comes a moment of dread: the departure of their favorite character. In this article, we will delve into the episode that marks Tony’s exit from NCIS.

The Emotional Roller Coaster: Tony’s Farewell

After 13 seasons, the time came for Tony DiNozzo to bid farewell to his NCIS team, leaving fans devastated. The highly anticipated episode, aptly titled “Family First,” aired on May 17, 2016, marking the end of an era. Tony’s departure was a significant turning point in the series and resonated deeply with viewers.

The Journey Towards Goodbye

Leading up to his departure, Tony’s storyline took a dramatic turn. In the previous episode, titled “Dead Letter,” Tony discovers that he has a daughter named Tali with his former lover, Ziva David. This revelation set the stage for an emotional departure, as Tony is determined to put his newfound family first.

Tony’s Decision: Love Over Career

Throughout the series, Tony had been portrayed as a playful and flirtatious character, often engaging in humorous banter with his teammates. However, his realization of becoming a father caused a shift in priorities. Tony ultimately decides to leave NCIS to take care of his daughter and give her the love and attention she deserves. This decision showcases Tony’s growth as a character, putting his personal life ahead of his career.

A Fond Farewell: Tony’s Legacy

Tony’s departure not only left a void in the hearts of fans but also on the NCIS team. His departure was poignant and emotional, as his teammates bid him farewell with tears and heartfelt goodbyes. Tony’s absence left a lasting impact on the series, with subsequent seasons exploring the aftermath of his departure and the team adjusting to the changes.

The Impact of Tony’s Departure

The departure of a beloved character like Tony is often met with mixed emotions from viewers. While some fans were devastated by the loss, others appreciated the realistic portrayal of characters evolving and moving on in their lives. Tony’s departure also led to a shift in dynamics within the NCIS team, allowing other characters to step into the spotlight and take on new challenges.

Continuing the Legacy: NCIS Moving Forward

Despite Tony’s departure, NCIS has continued to captivate audiences, thanks to its strong ensemble cast and compelling storylines. The show has introduced new characters and evolved existing ones, ensuring that the legacy of NCIS lives on.

In conclusion, the departure of Tony DiNozzo from NCIS was a significant moment in the series’ history. Fans were emotionally invested in Tony’s journey, making his farewell episode a highly anticipated event. While it was a heartbreaking moment for many, it also paved the way for new storylines and character developments. NCIS continues to thrive, proving that even with the departure of a beloved character, the show can still deliver compelling content that keeps viewers hooked.


1. When did Tony leave NCIS?

He left NCIS in Season 13, Episode 24 titled “Family First”.

2. Why did Tony leave NCIS?

Tony decided to leave NCIS to focus on building a life with his newly discovered daughter and to honor the memory of his late ex-girlfriend, Ziva David.

3. How long was Tony a part of NCIS?

Tony DiNozzo, portrayed by actor Michael Weatherly, was a part of NCIS for 13 seasons, from the show’s debut in 2003 until his departure in 2016.

4. Did Tony’s departure come as a surprise?

Tony’s departure was a surprise to many viewers, as the announcement of Michael Weatherly leaving the show came shortly before his final episode aired.

5. Did Tony’s character receive a proper farewell?

Yes, Tony’s departure was given a proper farewell and his character was given an emotional storyline leading up to his exit, providing closure for both the character and the audience.

6. Will Tony ever return to NCIS?

While it’s uncertain if Tony will return as a series regular, there have been hints and guest appearances suggesting the possibility of his character returning for special episodes or storylines.

7. How did fans react to Tony’s departure?

Fans had mixed reactions to Tony’s departure. Some were saddened by his exit and missed his dynamic personality, while others appreciated the closure and character development his departure provided.

8. Did Tony’s departure impact the show’s ratings?

Following Tony’s departure, NCIS did experience a slight decline in ratings. However, the show continued to be highly successful and is currently one of the longest-running scripted television dramas.

9. Who joined the cast after Tony’s departure?

Following Tony’s departure, several new characters joined the NCIS team, including Special Agents Nick Torres (portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama) and Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop (portrayed by Emily Wickersham).

10. What happened to Tony’s character after leaving NCIS?

After leaving NCIS, Tony’s character went on to start a new life with his daughter, Tali, and became a stay-at-home dad. He also continued his work as a private investigator, solving cases on the side.