What Episode Does Stefan Appear in 'The Originals'? Exploring the Crossover Between TVD and Its Spinoff

What Episode Does Stefan Appear in ‘The Originals’? Exploring the Crossover Between TVD and Its Spinoff

The Crossover Between TVD and The Originals: When Does Stefan Appear?

For fans of The Vampire Diaries (TVD) and its spinoff series, The Originals, the crossover episodes are highly anticipated. One of the most memorable crossover moments occurs when Stefan Salvatore, one of the main characters from TVD, makes an appearance in The Originals. In this article, we will explore the episode in which Stefan appears and delve into the connections between the two shows.

Stefan’s Arrival in The Originals

The much-awaited crossover between TVD and The Originals takes place in Season 1 of The Originals. Episode 20, titled “A Closer Walk With Thee,” marks Stefan Salvatore’s appearance in the spinoff series. Stefan’s arrival in New Orleans adds an exciting dynamic to the storyline, as viewers witness the interactions between him and the original vampire family.

The Importance of Stefan’s Appearance

Stefan’s presence in The Originals not only serves as a treat for fans of both shows but also serves a crucial purpose in the narrative. His appearance sparks a reunion between Stefan and his former love, Klaus Mikaelson, who is the central character of The Originals. This reunion brings back memories from their time in Mystic Falls and sets the stage for dramatic confrontations and alliances.

Moreover, Stefan’s involvement in The Originals sheds light on the complex relationships between the characters from both shows. His presence explores the deep-rooted connections and histories shared between the vampire communities in Mystic Falls and New Orleans.

The Impact on the Storyline

Stefan’s appearance is not just a fleeting moment of fan service; it has a significant impact on the overall storyline of The Originals. His involvement brings new conflicts and alliances to the forefront, as the characters navigate the complex dynamics of both the vampire and witch communities.

Throughout his stay in New Orleans, Stefan becomes entangled in the power struggles and supernatural politics of the city. His actions and choices influence the course of events and have lasting repercussions for the characters in The Originals.

Stefan’s Departure and Beyond

After his brief stint in The Originals, Stefan Salvatore returns to his original show, TVD. However, his appearance in the spinoff series leaves a lasting impact on the narrative. The events that unfold during his time in New Orleans continue to shape the storyline and character dynamics in both shows.

Stefan’s crossover serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of the TVD universe. It highlights the rich tapestry of characters, relationships, and storylines that exist within this supernatural world.


The crossover episode featuring Stefan in The Originals is a thrilling moment for fans of both TVD and the spinoff series. It not only provides an exciting reunion between beloved characters but also adds layers of depth and complexity to the overall narrative.

The intricate connections between the vampire communities of Mystic Falls and New Orleans are explored through Stefan’s presence, bringing forth new conflicts, alliances, and power struggles.

While Stefan’s appearance may be brief, its impact is long-lasting, shaping the course of events in both TVD and The Originals. It serves as a reminder of the vast universe created by these supernatural dramas and leaves fans eagerly awaiting any future crossovers that may come their way.


1. Who is Stefan in TVD and The Originals?

Stefan Salvatore is a main character in the TV show “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) and also makes appearances in its spinoff series “The Originals”.

2. Why is Stefan important in the crossover between TVD and The Originals?

Stefan’s appearances in “The Originals” contribute to the crossover between the two shows, building a connection between the storylines and characters.

3. In which season of The Originals does Stefan appear?

Stefan appears in Season 5 of “The Originals”.

4. Which episodes of The Originals feature Stefan?

Stefan appears in Episode 7 (“God’s Gonna Trouble the Water”) and Episode 8 (“The Kindness of Strangers”) of Season 5 in “The Originals”.

5. What is Stefan’s role in the episodes he appears in?

In the episodes he appears in, Stefan teams up with Klaus Mikaelson to help save Klaus’ daughter, Hope, from danger.

6. What is the reason for Stefan’s visit to New Orleans in The Originals?

Stefan visits New Orleans to assist Klaus in finding a solution to the threats endangering Hope.

7. How does Stefan’s presence affect the storyline of The Originals?

Stefan’s presence adds a different dynamic to the show by merging the storylines and characters of “The Vampire Diaries” with “The Originals”, creating new plotlines and interactions.

8. Does Stefan’s appearance in The Originals contribute to his character development from TVD?

Yes, Stefan’s appearance in “The Originals” allows further exploration of his character and showcases his growth since the events of “The Vampire Diaries”.

9. How does Stefan’s appearance affect the relationship between TVD and The Originals?

Stefan’s appearance strengthens the connection between the two shows, reinforcing the shared universe they exist in and appealing to fans of both series.

10. Can The Originals be watched independently without prior knowledge of Stefan’s character in TVD?

While it is possible to watch “The Originals” without prior knowledge of Stefan’s character in TVD, understanding the crossover between the two shows enhances the viewing experience and provides a deeper understanding of the overall storyline.