What episode does Meredith get Zola back? Exploring the poignant reunion in Grey's Anatomy

What episode does Meredith get Zola back? Exploring the poignant reunion in Grey’s Anatomy

What episode does Meredith get Zola back?

Grey’s Anatomy is a long-running medical drama that has touched the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. The show is known for its emotional storylines and intense character development. One of the most poignant moments in the series is when Meredith Grey is reunited with her adopted daughter, Zola.

The significance of Zola in Meredith’s life

Zola is an important character in the Grey’s Anatomy universe. She represents a bond that Meredith forged with her husband, Derek Shepherd, before his tragic death. After Derek’s passing, Meredith struggled with grief and the responsibility of raising their children alone. The reunion with Zola is a significant milestone in her journey as a single mother.

The episode: Season 9, Episode 10 – “Things We Said Today”

The episode where Meredith is finally reunited with Zola is titled “Things We Said Today” and is the tenth episode of the ninth season. This episode aired on December 13, 2012. This heartwarming story arc had fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting this emotional reunion.

The lead-up to the reunion

Before the reunion, Meredith and Derek faced various challenges in their journey to get Zola back. Zola had been placed in foster care due to an error in their adoption paperwork, creating tension and uncertainty for the couple. This emotional rollercoaster tested their resilience and showcased the depths of their determination to be with their daughter again.

The emotional reunion

In “Things We Said Today,” Meredith and Derek are finally granted an opportunity to bring Zola back home. The episode masterfully captures the emotional rollercoaster leading up to this moment. As Meredith holds Zola in her arms, the audience shares in her overwhelming joy and relief. This poignant scene showcases the powerful bond between a mother and her child, leaving viewers reaching for the tissues.

The impact on the characters and audience

The reunion between Meredith and Zola marks a turning point in the series. It solidifies Meredith’s role as a strong and resilient mother, and reminds viewers of the importance of family bonds. This episode also showcases the emotional depth and complexity of Grey’s Anatomy, leaving a lasting impact on both the characters and the audience.

In conclusion, the question “what episode does Meredith get Zola back?” is answered in the tenth episode of season nine of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Things We Said Today.” This emotional reunion between Meredith and her adopted daughter, Zola, captivated audiences and showcased the love and determination of a mother. The significance of this moment in the series and the impact on the characters and viewers cannot be overstated. Grey’s Anatomy continues to resonate with fans with its heartfelt storytelling and relatable characters.


1. When does Meredith get Zola back in Grey’s Anatomy?

Meredith gets Zola back in Season 8, Episode 10.

2. What happens during the poignant reunion between Meredith and Zola?

During the reunion, Meredith and Zola share a heartfelt moment as they reconnect after being separated.

3. How did Meredith lose custody of Zola?

Meredith temporarily lost custody of Zola when the adoption process was put on hold due to a mistake made by an employee at the hospital.

4. Who helps Meredith fight to regain custody of Zola?

Alex Karev, Meredith’s close friend and colleague, helps her fight to regain custody of Zola.

5. What obstacles does Meredith face in her journey to get Zola back?

Meredith faces legal challenges, emotional turmoil, and the uncertainty of her future as she fights to get Zola back.

6. How does Meredith ultimately succeed in getting Zola back?

After a long and difficult legal battle, Meredith is finally granted custody of Zola when it is determined that she is the best guardian for her.

7. How does the reunion between Meredith and Zola impact their relationship?

The reunion strengthens the bond between Meredith and Zola, reminding them of the love and connection they share.

8. How do the other characters in Grey’s Anatomy react to Meredith getting Zola back?

The other characters, especially Meredith’s friends and colleagues, are overjoyed and offer their support and congratulations.

9. How does Meredith’s journey to regain custody of Zola impact her character development?

Meredith’s journey to regain custody of Zola shows her resilience, determination, and unwavering love as a mother, further developing her character.

10. What themes are explored in the episode where Meredith gets Zola back?

The episode explores the themes of family, love, resilience, and the importance of fighting for what you believe in.