What Episode Does Killua Attempt Suicide? Unraveling the Dark Journey of a Character in Anime Series

What Episode Does Killua Attempt Suicide? Unraveling the Dark Journey of a Character in Anime Series

Unraveling the Dark Journey of Killua, a Character in the Anime Series

Killua Zoldyck, a young and complex character in the popular anime series “Hunter x Hunter,” embarks on a harrowing journey that tests his mental and emotional strength. One of the most pivotal moments in his story is when he attempts suicide.

Understanding Killua’s Dark Journey

Killua’s attempt at taking his own life occurs in episode 135 of “Hunter x Hunter,” titled “This Person × And × This Moment.” This shocking turn of events delves deep into the character’s psyche, unveiling the dark struggles he faces throughout the series.

The Build-Up of Emotional Turmoil

Throughout the anime, Killua battles with a variety of internal conflicts. Raised as an assassin from a young age, he carries the burden of immense pressure from his family to live up to their expectations. This emotional turmoil causes him to question his own worth and purpose.

The Complexity of Killua’s Character

Killua’s depth and complexity make him relatable to viewers who may also be dealing with their own personal struggles. His character development is carefully crafted, showcasing his growth and the challenges he faces as he tries to break free from the chains of his past.

Factors Leading to Killua’s Suicide Attempt

Several factors contribute to Killua’s decision to attempt suicide. The pressure from his family’s profession, the weight of expectations, and his fear of not living up to them all play a significant role. Additionally, the loss of his best friend and the fear of losing his newfound sense of self and purpose add further to his despair.

The Impact on Killua’s Relationships

Killua’s suicide attempt deeply affects his relationships, especially with his closest friend, Gon Freecss. The unraveling of Killua’s dark journey strains their friendship and forces both characters to confront their own demons.

A Message of Hope and Healing

Although Killua’s suicide attempt is a dark and harrowing moment, it serves as a catalyst for growth and healing for the character. Through the support of his friends and the discovery of his own strength and value, Killua begins to overcome his inner demons.

The Importance of Mental Health Portrayal

Killua’s journey sheds light on the importance of mental health in storytelling and the significance of portraying these issues in a sensitive and responsible manner. The anime series addresses the theme of mental health through its exploration of Killua’s struggles, creating a relatable and thought-provoking narrative.

In conclusion, the episode in which Killua attempts suicide is a significant turning point in his character arc. This dark journey offers valuable insights into the complexities of the human psyche and the importance of addressing mental health issues in media. Through his struggles, Killua ultimately finds hope and healing, inspiring viewers to confront their own inner demons and seek support when needed.


1. What anime series features the dark journey of a character attempting suicide?

The anime series that portrays the dark journey of a character attempting suicide is “Hunter x Hunter”.

2. Which character from “Hunter x Hunter” attempts suicide?

Killua, one of the main characters in “Hunter x Hunter”, goes through a period where he attempts suicide.

3. In what episode does Killua attempt suicide?

Killua’s suicide attempt occurs in Episode 116 of “Hunter x Hunter”.

4. What leads Killua to attempt suicide?

The immense pressure and emotional trauma that Killua experiences during his journey as a hunter lead him to attempt suicide.

5. How is the topic of suicide handled in the anime series?

The topic of suicide is approached with sensitivity and aims to shed light on the character’s struggles and personal growth rather than glorify or normalize such actions.

6. Does Killua’s suicide attempt have a significant impact on the storyline?

Yes, Killua’s suicide attempt plays a crucial role in shaping his character development and understanding the depths of his emotional struggles. It also affects his relationships with other characters.

7. Is suicide portrayed as a solution or escape in the anime series?

No, “Hunter x Hunter” does not portray suicide as a solution or a viable escape from one’s problems. Instead, it explores the importance of seeking help, finding inner strength, and growing through difficult experiences.

8. Does the anime provide any support resources or messages for viewers dealing with similar issues?

While the anime itself does not provide explicit support resources, it encourages viewers who might relate to the character’s struggles to seek help and reminds them that they are not alone in their battles.

9. How do other characters react to Killua’s suicide attempt?

Other characters express concern, empathy, and a desire to support Killua in his healing process. They rally around him, offering friendship and understanding as he confronts his own demons.

10. Does Killua’s character evolve positively after his suicide attempt?

Yes, Killua’s suicide attempt serves as a turning point in his character arc, leading to personal growth, introspection, and a reevaluation of his priorities. It contributes to a positive evolution in his overall character development.