What Episode Does Bones Discover She's Pregnant?

What Episode Does Bones Discover She’s Pregnant?

What Episode Does Bones Discover She’s Pregnant?

In the hit TV show “Bones,” the brilliant forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, discovers she’s pregnant in the sixth season. The reveal of her pregnancy is a significant turning point in the series, adding a new dynamic to Brennan’s character and her relationships with her colleagues and loved ones.

The Episode: “The Change in the Game”

The episode in which Brennan discovers she’s pregnant is titled “The Change in the Game.” It is the twenty-third and final episode of the sixth season, and it aired on May 19, 2011. The episode starts with a murder investigation but then takes an unexpected turn when Brennan takes a pregnancy test, which comes back positive. This revelation sets the stage for a dramatic and emotional storyline that unfolds in the subsequent episodes and seasons.

The Impact on the Characters

Brennan’s pregnancy has a profound impact on the other characters in the show. Her partner and love interest, FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, is initially taken aback by the news but eventually embraces the idea of becoming a father. The couple’s relationship grows stronger as they navigate the challenges of impending parenthood together.

Brennan’s colleagues at the Jeffersonian Institute, including forensic artist Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), forensic entomologist Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne), and her assistant and best friend Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo), are also affected by the news. They rally around Brennan, offering support and celebrating the impending arrival of the newest member of their team.

Exploring Pregnancy and Motherhood

Brennan’s pregnancy storyline allows the show to explore themes of pregnancy and motherhood in a unique way. As a highly logical and rational character, Brennan approaches her impending motherhood with her characteristic analytical mindset. She delves into research, consults experts, and tries to understand the scientific aspects of pregnancy and parenting.

Throughout the following seasons, viewers see Brennan’s character growth as she adapts to the challenges of balancing her work life and motherhood. The show delves into the struggles and triumphs of being a working parent, and Brennan’s journey resonates with many viewers who can relate to the complexities of juggling career and family.

The Evolution of Brennan’s Character

Brennan’s pregnancy marks a significant evolution in her character. As the series progresses, viewers witness her transformation from an emotionally guarded and socially awkward scientist to a loving and protective mother. Her experiences as a parent broaden her perspective and deepen her understanding of human emotions, ultimately making her a more well-rounded and relatable character.

The Legacy of Brennan’s Pregnancy

The reveal of Brennan’s pregnancy in “Bones” goes beyond just a storyline; it leaves a lasting impact on the series and its fans. The portrayal of a strong, intelligent, and successful woman navigating the complexities of pregnancy and motherhood resonates with many viewers, serving as an inspiration and source of empowerment.

The episode “The Change in the Game” and Brennan’s subsequent journey as a mother remain fan-favorites in the “Bones” fandom. It is a pivotal moment in the show’s narrative and serves as a catalyst for character development and new storylines.

In Conclusion

The episode in which Brennan discovers she’s pregnant in “Bones” is titled “The Change in the Game.” This turning point in the series not only affects Brennan’s relationships with her colleagues and loved ones but also allows the show to explore themes of pregnancy and motherhood. The portrayal of Brennan’s journey as a mother resonates with viewers, showcasing her character’s growth and evolution throughout the show. Ultimately, Brennan’s pregnancy leaves a lasting legacy in the “Bones” fandom, inspiring and empowering viewers around the world.


1. What episode of Bones does Brennan discover she’s pregnant?

The episode where Brennan discovers she’s pregnant is called “The Change in the Game”.

2. How does Brennan find out she’s expecting a baby?

Brennan initially discovers she’s pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test.

3. Who does Brennan share the news with first?

Brennan shares the news of her pregnancy first with her best friend, Angela Montenegro.

4. Does Booth already know about Brennan’s pregnancy?

No, Booth does not know about Brennan’s pregnancy until she tells him later in the same episode.

5. How does Booth react to the news of Brennan’s pregnancy?

Booth is initially taken aback and has a mix of emotions but eventually embraces the news with happiness.

6. What is Brennan’s reaction when she finds out she’s pregnant?

Brennan is initially in a state of disbelief and shock but later she becomes excited and joyful about the pregnancy.

7. Does Brennan continue working on forensic cases during her pregnancy?

Yes, Brennan continues working on forensic cases throughout her pregnancy, demonstrating her dedication and perseverance.

8. How does Brennan’s pregnancy affect her relationship with Booth?

Brennan’s pregnancy brings Booth and her closer together, strengthening their bond and commitment to each other.

9. Does Brennan have any complications during her pregnancy?

Yes, Brennan experiences complications during her pregnancy and requires bed rest at one point.

10. In which season does Brennan discover she’s pregnant?

Brennan discovers she’s pregnant in Season 6 of the TV series Bones.