What Episode Do Dean and Rory Get Back Together? Exploring the Iconic Reunion in Gilmore Girls

What Episode Do Dean and Rory Get Back Together? Exploring the Iconic Reunion in Gilmore Girls

Exploring the Iconic Reunion in Gilmore Girls: What Episode Do Dean and Rory Get Back Together?

If you are a fan of the hit TV series Gilmore Girls, you may recall the rollercoaster relationship between Rory Gilmore and Dean Forester. Their love story captivated audiences throughout the show’s seven-season run, leading to an iconic reunion that had fans on the edge of their seats. In this article, we will explore when exactly Dean and Rory get back together and delve into the significance of this pivotal moment in the series.

The Complicated Journey of Dean and Rory

The relationship between Dean and Rory started off sweetly in the early seasons of Gilmore Girls. They met in high school, with Dean quickly falling head over heels for the intelligent and bookish Rory. However, their romance faced several challenges, including Dean’s jealousy and Rory’s growing feelings for another character, Jess Mariano.

As the series progressed, Dean and Rory’s relationship hit a breaking point when Rory cheated on Dean with Jess, ultimately leading to their heartbreaking breakup. This moment marked the beginning of a tumultuous period for the pair, with Rory experiencing a series of relationships while Dean watched from afar.

A Ray of Hope: Dean’s Marriage and Rory’s Single Status

While Dean moved on and eventually got married, fans still held out hope for a reunion between him and Rory. This hope was fueled by Dean’s lingering feelings for Rory, as evidenced by his jealousy and protective nature whenever Rory encountered romantic interests.

Rory, on the other hand, went through various romantic relationships but seemed to struggle to find the same connection she had with Dean. As the series approached its final season, fans eagerly anticipated the possibility of their favorite couple reuniting.

The Iconic Reunion

In the fifth episode of the seventh season titled “The Great Stink,” Dean and Rory finally get back together. This much-awaited reunion takes place after Dean’s marriage falls apart, and Rory finds herself single once again.

The episode begins with Rory reminiscing about her time with Dean and realizing that he was her first love. She reaches out to him, and they meet at a local gathering. Their encounter is filled with nostalgia, longing, and unresolved feelings.

While the reunion is indeed a significant moment for Dean and Rory shippers, it is important to note that their relationship does not last. The issues that plagued their previous relationship resurface, and they ultimately realize that they have both changed too much to rekindle their romance.

The Significance of the Reunion

Despite the ending of their relationship, the reunion between Dean and Rory carries immense significance for both characters and fans alike. It serves as a closure to their love story, allowing them to confront their past and acknowledge the impact they had on each other’s lives.

For fans, the reunion represents a moment of nostalgia, reminding them of the sweet and innocent beginnings of Dean and Rory’s romance. It also serves as a reminder of the complexities of love and relationships, demonstrating that sometimes, even the strongest connections cannot withstand the test of time and personal growth.

In Conclusion

The episode in which Dean and Rory get back together in Gilmore Girls is the fifth episode of the seventh season, titled “The Great Stink.” Their reunion is a highly anticipated moment for fans who followed their rollercoaster relationship throughout the series. While their reunion is short-lived, it carries significant emotional weight for both characters and serves as a symbolic closure to their love story. Whether you were rooting for Dean and Rory or not, this iconic reunion remains etched in the memories of Gilmore Girls fans.


1. When do Dean and Rory get back together in Gilmore Girls?

They get back together in Season 4, Episode 22 titled “Raincoats and Recipes”.

2. What leads to Dean and Rory’s reunion?

Dean’s marriage to Lindsay falls apart, and he realizes he still has feelings for Rory. They reconnect at the Dragonfly Inn’s test run of their opening night.

3. How does the reunion between Dean and Rory happen?

Rory is caught off guard when Dean unexpectedly shows up at the Dragonfly Inn and they share a heartfelt conversation about their past relationship and their lingering feelings for each other.

4. What obstacles did Dean and Rory face before their reunion?

Dean was previously married to Lindsay, and Rory was in a long-distance relationship with Logan. These relationships created obstacles that prevented Dean and Rory from being together.

5. How do fans react to Dean and Rory getting back together?

Fans have mixed reactions to their reunion. Some were excited to see them revisit their first love, while others felt it was unrealistic for them to get back together after everything that had happened.

6. Does their reunion last?

No, their reunion is short-lived. Dean realizes that Rory is still in love with someone else, and they mutually decide to end their relationship once again.

7. Who did Rory end up with in the series?

In the series, Rory ultimately ends up in a relationship with Logan Huntzberger, a wealthy and ambitious young man she meets at Yale University.

8. Are Dean and Rory able to maintain a friendship after their reunion?

After their breakup following their reunion, Dean and Rory are able to maintain a friendly relationship. They occasionally interact and share moments of understanding and support in future seasons.

9. How does their second breakup compare to their first breakup?

Their second breakup is more amicable and mature compared to their first breakup. They both recognize that their lives have moved in different directions and it’s best for them to part ways.

10. Do Dean and Rory have any significant interactions after their second breakup?

Yes, they have a few significant interactions after their second breakup. They reconnect during a Gilmore family dinner and have a meaningful conversation about their past and the paths their lives have taken.