What Does Thomas Shelby Smoke in Peaky Blinders? Unveiling His Iconic Choice of Cigarettes

What Does Thomas Shelby Smoke in Peaky Blinders? Unveiling His Iconic Choice of Cigarettes

What Does Thomas Shelby Smoke in Peaky Blinders? Unveiling His Iconic Choice of Cigarettes


One of the defining features of Tommy Shelby, the main character in the hit TV show Peaky Blinders, is his constant smoking. Whether strategizing with his brothers or plotting against his enemies, Tommy is rarely seen without a cigarette in his hand. But have you ever wondered what brand of cigarettes he smokes? In this article, we will unveil Thomas Shelby’s iconic choice of cigarettes and delve into the symbolism behind his smoking habit.

Thomas Shelby’s Cigarette Brand – The Iconic Choice

There have been numerous speculations about the brand of cigarettes that Thomas Shelby smokes in Peaky Blinders. However, the show creators have remained tight-lipped about the specific brand. This secrecy adds to the mystique surrounding the character and his choices.

The Symbolism of Smoking for Thomas Shelby

Smoking plays a significant role in portraying the character of Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders. It serves as a visual representation of his brooding, complex nature and his constant need for control. Additionally, smoking is often used in film and television as a symbol of rebellion and non-conformity, which aligns with Tommy’s anti-establishment mindset.

Creating Atmosphere and Setting the Mood

In addition to its symbolic significance, smoking also helps to create a specific atmosphere and set the mood in the Peaky Blinders series. The constant cigarette smoke hanging in the air adds to the gritty, mysterious ambiance of the post-war Birmingham streets. It immerses the audience in the dark and dangerous world of the Shelby family and their gang.

The Impact of Smoking on the Character’s Image

Thomas Shelby’s smoking habit has become an integral part of his character’s image and has contributed to his status as a pop culture icon. The way he holds and smokes his cigarette has become instantly recognizable and has been emulated by fans around the world. This iconic image has helped solidify Tommy Shelby’s position as a complex, enigmatic and ruggedly attractive anti-hero.


While the specific brand of cigarettes that Thomas Shelby smokes remains a mystery, the symbolism and impact of his smoking habit are undeniable. It adds depth to his character, contributes to the overall atmosphere of the show, and has helped to create an enduring image of this iconic TV character. So, the next time you see Tommy Shelby lighting up, remember the layers of meaning behind that simple act.


1. What brand of cigarettes does Thomas Shelby smoke?

The answer is:
Thomas Shelby smokes a brand called Sweet Afton cigarettes.

2. Why did Thomas Shelby choose to smoke Sweet Afton cigarettes?

The answer is:
Thomas Shelby’s choice to smoke Sweet Afton cigarettes is purely for its iconic and historical charm on the show Peaky Blinders.

3. Are Sweet Afton cigarettes a real brand?

The answer is:
Yes, Sweet Afton cigarettes were a real brand that existed in the past, but they are no longer widely available today.

4. What type of cigarettes are Sweet Afton?

The answer is:
Sweet Afton cigarettes are a type of unfiltered, hand-rolled cigarettes that were popular during the early 20th century.

5. Do Sweet Afton cigarettes have a distinct flavor?

The answer is:
While it is difficult to ascertain the exact flavor of Sweet Afton cigarettes, they are generally described as having a rich, full-bodied taste.

6. How were Sweet Afton cigarettes packaged?

The answer is:
Sweet Afton cigarettes were typically packaged in a pack of 20, with an elegant design featuring the brand’s name and logo.

7. Can Sweet Afton cigarettes still be purchased?

The answer is:
As of now, Sweet Afton cigarettes are not widely available for purchase, making them a rarity among smokers.

8. Are there any similar cigarette brands to Sweet Afton?

The answer is:
While Sweet Afton cigarettes may not be easily found, there are other unfiltered cigarette brands that smokers can consider, such as Lucky Strike or Camel.

9. Did Cillian Murphy, the actor who portrays Thomas Shelby, smoke real cigarettes on the show?

The answer is:
No, Cillian Murphy does not smoke in real life. During the filming of Peaky Blinders, herbal cigarettes or “pretend” cigarettes were used for the smoking scenes.

10. Does Thomas Shelby’s smoking contribute to his character development?

The answer is:
Yes, Thomas Shelby’s smoking is often seen as part of his character’s image and persona, reflecting his mysterious, no-nonsense demeanor in the world of Peaky Blinders.