What Do the Losers Get? Exploring the Humorous Side of 'Funny You Should Ask' TV Show and its Prizes

What Do the Losers Get? Exploring the Humorous Side of ‘Funny You Should Ask’ TV Show and its Prizes

What Do the Losers Get? Exploring the Humorous Side of ‘Funny You Should Ask’ TV Show and its Prizes


‘Funny You Should Ask’ is a popular television game show that brings together a panel of six celebrity comedians who answer trivia questions posed by the host. While the winners of each round get to take home a grand cash prize, have you ever wondered what the losers receive? In this article, we delve into the humorous side of the show and explore the not-so-grand consolation prizes awarded to the panelists who fall short.

The Not-So-Grand Consolation Prizes

While the winners of ‘Funny You Should Ask’ get to bask in the glory of victory and take home a hefty sum of money, the losers are not forgotten. In fact, they receive consolation prizes that are intentionally comical and designed to add a humorous touch to the show. These prizes are often bizarre and serve as a source of entertainment for both the studio audience and the viewers at home.

Unconventional Gifts with a Comedic Twist

The show’s producers seem to take pleasure in presenting the losers with unconventional gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces. From rubber chickens and whoopee cushions to fake gold trophies and giant oversized checks with zero dollar amounts, the prizes are meant to be tongue-in-cheek and reflect the lighthearted nature of the show.

The Joy of Participating

While the consolation prizes may not have a significant monetary value, they serve as a reminder that being a part of the ‘Funny You Should Ask’ panel is more about the fun and enjoyment of participating than the prizes themselves. The comedians embrace the quirky gifts with good humor, often using them as props during their comedic routines.

Affirmation of Talent

Although the consolation prizes may seem silly, they are an affirmation of the talent and wit of the comedians on the panel. Being chosen to participate in a show that features some of the top comedic minds in the industry is no small feat. The unconventional prizes serve as symbols of recognition and reinforce the comedians’ status as valued performers in the entertainment world.

Making the Most of the Moment

Rather than displaying disappointment, the panelists who fall short embrace the humorous side of the consolation prizes. They use their creativity and comedic skills to make the most of the moment, turning what could be seen as a loss into a comedic opportunity. This light-hearted approach not only entertains the audience but also showcases the quick thinking and improvisational abilities of the comedians.


‘Funny You Should Ask’ is a game show that not only provides an entertaining platform for celebrity comedians to showcase their knowledge but also adds a dash of humor through its unique consolation prizes. While the winners of the show enjoy the grand cash prizes, the losers are rewarded with tongue-in-cheek gifts that serve as a reminder of the fun and enjoyment of participating. These unconventional prizes add to the overall comedic experience and highlight the talent and wit of the panelists. So, the next time you tune into ‘Funny You Should Ask,’ pay close attention to the losers and their comical consolation prizes – you might just find yourself laughing along with them.


1. What is the premise of the TV show “Funny You Should Ask”?

The show features a panel of comedians answering trivia questions for cash prizes.

2. How does “Funny You Should Ask” incorporate humor into the show?

The comedians often provide hilarious and witty responses to the questions, making the show entertaining for viewers.

3. What types of questions are asked on “Funny You Should Ask”?

The show covers a wide range of trivia topics, including pop culture, history, sports, and general knowledge.

4. Who are some of the comedians featured on “Funny You Should Ask”?

The show boasts a rotating lineup of popular stand-up comedians, such as Louie Anderson, Jon Lovitz, and Sherri Shepherd, among others.

5. How do the contestants on “Funny You Should Ask” win prizes?

Contestants have to correctly answer a series of trivia questions to accumulate cash prizes.

6. Do the losers on “Funny You Should Ask” go home empty-handed?

No, even the contestants who do not win the grand prize still receive consolation prizes for their participation.

7. What are some examples of the consolation prizes given to the losers?

The show has given out prizes such as gift cards, electronics, vacations, and other valuable items to the losing contestants.

8. Are there any additional benefits for the losers on “Funny You Should Ask”?

In addition to the consolation prizes, appearing on the show provides exposure and the opportunity to showcase their comedic skills to a larger audience.

9. Can the losers on “Funny You Should Ask” return for another chance to win?

Yes, the show allows previous contestants to come back and compete again for a chance to redeem themselves and win bigger prizes.

10. Is “Funny You Should Ask” primarily focused on the contestants or the comedians?

While the contestants play a crucial role, the show primarily revolves around the comedians and their humorous responses to the trivia questions.