What Did Joe Giudice Do for a Living? Uncovering the Career of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Star

What Did Joe Giudice Do for a Living? Uncovering the Career of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Star

The Career of Joe Giudice: Uncovering the Work of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Star


Joe Giudice is a well-known figure in the reality TV world, thanks to his appearances on Bravo’s hit show, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” While his personal life has often made headlines, many fans are still in the dark about his professional endeavors. In this article, we delve into Giudice’s career, uncovering what he did for a living before and during his time on the show.

Construction and Real Estate Background

Joe Giudice’s career primarily revolved around construction and real estate. He comes from a family with a strong background in the construction industry, which he entered at a young age. Giudice started working in his father’s construction business, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in this field.

During his time on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Giudice was often seen working on various construction projects. He showcased his construction skills and expertise, leading viewers to believe that he was a capable and experienced contractor.

Business Ventures

Aside from construction, Giudice also dabbled in several business ventures throughout his career. One notable venture was the development of a winery in New Jersey. He invested time and effort into creating his own brand, producing and selling his own wine. Although the winery project faced its fair share of hurdles, Giudice’s dedication to his business endeavors was evident.

Furthermore, Giudice ventured into the world of technology by establishing a mobile app development company. Although details about this venture are scarce, it is clear that Giudice sought new opportunities outside his construction and real estate background.

Legal Troubles and Post-Reality TV Career

Unfortunately, Giudice’s business ventures and professional life took a backseat due to legal troubles. He and his ex-wife, Teresa Giudice, were convicted of mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud, resulting in a prison sentence for both of them. This period marked a significant setback in Giudice’s career, as he had to put his professional aspirations on hold.

After his release from prison, Giudice faced deportation to his native Italy. This further hindered his ability to revive his career in the United States. However, despite these challenges, Giudice continued to explore business opportunities and remained active in the construction industry.


Joe Giudice’s career has been a roller coaster ride, filled with successes and setbacks. From his beginnings in the construction industry to his ventures in winemaking and technology, Giudice demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. Although legal troubles posed significant obstacles, Giudice remained resilient and continued to pursue his professional aspirations. As he navigates the post-reality TV world, it will be fascinating to see what the future holds for this charismatic and industrious individual.


1. What was Joe Giudice’s occupation before gaining fame on Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Joe Giudice worked as a construction builder and developer before appearing on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

2. Did Joe Giudice have any prior experience in the construction industry?

Yes, Joe Giudice had over 20 years of experience in the construction industry before his television debut.

3. Did Joe Giudice own his own construction company?

Yes, Joe Giudice was the owner of his own construction company called Giudice Construction.

4. What types of projects did Giudice Construction undertake?

Giudice Construction primarily undertook projects in the residential sector, including building and renovating homes.

5. Did Joe Giudice’s construction company focus on any specific area or region?

Joe Giudice’s construction company primarily operated in northern New Jersey, specifically in the counties of Passaic, Bergen, and Morris.

6. How did Joe Giudice’s construction company become well-known in the industry?

Giudice Construction gained recognition in the industry through their high-quality work, attention to detail, and completion of various successful construction projects.

7. Has Joe Giudice faced any legal issues related to his construction business?

Yes, Joe Giudice faced legal issues related to his construction business. He was charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, as well as bankruptcy fraud.

8. Did Joe Giudice serve any time in prison for his legal issues?

Yes, Joe Giudice served a prison sentence of 41 months for his involvement in the aforementioned legal issues.

9. Is Joe Giudice currently involved in the construction industry?

No, after his release from prison, Joe Giudice has not publicly shown any current involvement in the construction industry.

10. What has Joe Giudice been doing since leaving the construction industry?

Since leaving the construction industry, Joe Giudice has focused on various endeavors, including writing a memoir, participating in reality television shows, and exploring new career opportunities.