What Did Ashley Do to Hunter on The Challenge: Unraveling the Drama Between the Two Explosive Contestants

What Did Ashley Do to Hunter on The Challenge: Unraveling the Drama Between the Two Explosive Contestants


The Challenge is a popular reality TV show that pits contestants against each other in intense physical and mental challenges. One of the most explosive rivalries in the show’s history is between Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield. Their drama has captivated viewers and left them wondering, “What did Ashley do to Hunter?”. In this article, we will delve deep into the feud between these two contestants and uncover the truth behind their explosive dynamic.

Understanding the History

Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield have a complicated history that dates back to their time on The Challenge. They first met on the show and quickly formed a bond, becoming allies and even engaging in a romantic relationship. However, their relationship took a turn for the worse when Ashley decided to betray and eliminate Hunter from the competition.

The Betrayal

The pivotal moment in the drama between Ashley and Hunter occurred during a challenge in which contestants had to choose a partner. Ashley, who was the reigning champion at the time, blindsided Hunter by choosing someone else, effectively eliminating him from the competition. This betrayal left Hunter feeling angry, hurt, and betrayed, and ignited a fire that still burns between the two contestants.

The Aftermath

Following the betrayal, Ashley and Hunter’s relationship was never the same. The once-strong bond they shared was shattered, and they became bitter enemies. The animosity between the two has since played out on subsequent seasons of The Challenge, with verbal and physical altercations becoming the norm whenever they cross paths.

Unraveling the Drama

To understand the full extent of the drama between Ashley and Hunter, it is important to consider the underlying factors at play. Both contestants are known for their strong personalities and competitive drive, which often leads to clashes. Additionally, the cutthroat nature of The Challenge itself adds fuel to the fire, as contestants are constantly vying for power and strategically eliminating their opponents.

The Role of Miscommunication

Miscommunication also plays a significant role in the drama between Ashley and Hunter. As emotions run high and tempers flare, misunderstandings occur, leading to even more tension and conflict. These miscommunications often stem from their different perspectives and personal agendas, further contributing to the explosive nature of their relationship.

Moving Forward

As the drama between Ashley and Hunter continues to unfold on The Challenge, it remains to be seen if these two explosive contestants will ever find common ground or resolve their differences. However, their ongoing feud serves as a reminder that reality TV is not just about the physical challenges, but also the interpersonal dynamics and rivalries that captivate viewers.


The drama between Ashley and Hunter on The Challenge is a complex web of betrayal, hurt, and unresolved emotions. With each passing season, their animosity only seems to intensify, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating their next explosive encounter. While the specifics of “what Ashley did to Hunter” may vary depending on the season, the underlying tension between these two contestants is undeniable. As fans of The Challenge, we can only sit back and watch as their drama continues to unfold.


1. What led to the drama between Ashley and Hunter on The Challenge?

The drama between Ashley and Hunter on The Challenge stemmed from their complicated history and conflicting personalities.

2. How did Ashley and Hunter meet?

Ashley and Hunter met on a previous season of The Challenge, where they initially built a friendship.

3. What caused their falling out?

Their falling out was primarily caused by a betrayal from Hunter, who broke Ashley’s trust by aligning with their mutual enemies.

4. Did their personal relationship affect their gameplay on The Challenge?

Yes, their personal relationship significantly affected their gameplay, as they allowed their animosity towards each other to interfere with their strategic decisions.

5. What happened during one of the challenges that further intensified their rivalry?

During one of the challenges, Hunter deliberately sabotaged Ashley’s performance, leading to an explosive confrontation between them.

6. Have Ashley and Hunter ever reconciled?

At times, Ashley and Hunter have reconciled briefly, but their reconciliations were often short-lived due to unresolved issues and their volatile dynamic.

7. Has their drama affected other contestants on The Challenge?

Yes, their drama has had a ripple effect, causing tension and division among other contestants who were forced to choose sides or deal with the fallout.

8. How did production handle Ashley and Hunter’s ongoing feud?

Production on The Challenge attempted to capitalize on Ashley and Hunter’s ongoing feud, often casting them together and creating dramatic scenarios to heighten the tension.

9. Did Ashley and Hunter ever compete as a team on The Challenge?

Yes, Ashley and Hunter were paired as teammates on a season of The Challenge, which added another layer of intensity to their rivalry and tested their ability to work together.

10. Will Ashley and Hunter’s drama ever be resolved?

It is uncertain whether Ashley and Hunter’s drama will ever be fully resolved, as their complicated history and explosive personalities continue to hinder any chance of reconciliation.