What City Was 'The Campaign' Filmed In? Exploring the Behind-the-Scenes Locations

What City Was ‘The Campaign’ Filmed In? Exploring the Behind-the-Scenes Locations

The Campaign: Behind-the-Scenes Locations

If you’re a fan of comedy movies, you’ve probably heard of the hilarious film “The Campaign.” Starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, this political satire takes an amusing look at the world of American politics. But have you ever wondered where this laugh-out-loud movie was filmed? In this article, we’ll explore the behind-the-scenes locations of “The Campaign” and take a closer look at the cities that served as the backdrop for this comedic gem.

North Carolina: The Perfect Political Setting

One of the first things you may notice while watching “The Campaign” is the beautiful scenery that serves as the background for the characters’ political endeavors. This is because the movie was primarily filmed in North Carolina, a state known for its diverse landscapes and picturesque settings. From the bustling cities to the serene countryside, North Carolina provided the perfect backdrop for the fictional political campaign.

New Hanover County Courthouse: A Symbol of Democracy

One of the most memorable locations in “The Campaign” is the New Hanover County Courthouse, which serves as the central hub of political activity in the film. Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, this historic building adds an air of authenticity to the movie’s political storyline. With its classic architectural design and stately presence, the courthouse is a perfect representation of democracy in action.

Wilmington: The City That Never Sleeps

Not only did Wilmington provide the iconic courthouse featured in “The Campaign,” but it also served as the base for many other memorable scenes in the film. With its vibrant downtown area and charming neighborhoods, Wilmington offers a diverse range of filming locations. From political rallies in the heart of the city to personal moments between the characters in residential areas, this city truly came alive on the big screen.

The Outer Banks: A Stunning Seascape

In addition to Wilmington, “The Campaign” also took advantage of the breathtaking beauty of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. With its pristine beaches, rolling sand dunes, and iconic lighthouses, the Outer Banks provided a stunning backdrop for certain scenes in the movie. Whether it was a tranquil moment by the water or a memorable political event on the beach, this scenic location added an extra layer of visual appeal to the film.


“The Campaign” is a hilarious comedy that not only entertained audiences but also showcased the beauty of North Carolina as a filming location. From the bustling streets of Wilmington to the tranquil beaches of the Outer Banks, this film took advantage of the state’s diverse landscapes to create a visually stunning backdrop for its comedic storyline. So, the next time you watch this laugh-out-loud movie, pay attention to the behind-the-scenes locations that help bring the story to life.


1. What city was “The Campaign” filmed in?

The film “The Campaign” was primarily filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2. Why was New Orleans chosen as the filming location?

New Orleans was chosen as the filming location because it offered a diverse range of settings, from picturesque neighborhoods to political landmarks.

3. Which specific locations in New Orleans were featured in the movie?

Several iconic locations in New Orleans were featured in “The Campaign,” including the Lakefront Airport, Lafayette Square, and the Pontchartrain Center.

4. Did the film production team create any custom sets for the movie?

Yes, the production team built a custom set for the fictional campaign headquarters of the character Cam Brady, played by Will Ferrell.

5. Were there any other cities or towns that doubled as filming locations?

Apart from New Orleans, additional scenes were shot in Hammond, Louisiana, which portrayed the smaller town where the main characters reside.

6. Did the filming locations accurately represent the cities depicted in the movie?

While capturing the essence of the cities, it’s worth noting that certain creative liberties were taken to enhance the comedic aspects of the film.

7. Were there any challenges faced during filming in New Orleans?

One major challenge faced during filming was the unpredictable weather conditions, particularly during hurricane season, which required adjustments to the shooting schedule.

8. Did the local community play a role in the film production?

Yes, the local community in New Orleans played an integral part in the film production, providing support, locations, and even extras for various scenes.

9. Are there any notable landmarks or attractions from New Orleans featured in the movie?

“The Campaign” showcases several famous landmarks from New Orleans, such as the St. Louis Cathedral, Audubon Park, and the historic French Quarter.

10. Has the popularity of the film influenced tourism in New Orleans?

Yes, the popularity of “The Campaign” has sparked interest in the filming locations, encouraging tourists to visit New Orleans and explore the settings they saw on screen.