What Actor Was Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969? Unveiling the Football Career of a Hollywood Star

What Actor Was Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969? Unveiling the Football Career of a Hollywood Star

What Actor Was Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969?

In the world of Hollywood, there have been several instances where actors have switched careers and pursued their passion for sports. One such instance that took place in 1969 involved a budding actor who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. This article delves into the fascinating football career of this Hollywood star, showcasing his journey from the gridiron to the silver screen.

A Star on the Football Field

Before he became a household name in Hollywood, this actor was making waves in the world of football. Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969, his athletic prowess was evident from a young age. Standing out as a talented player, he quickly rose through the ranks and became a crucial member of the Steelers’ roster.

As a football player, he showcased exceptional skills on the field. Known for his speed, agility, and tactical awareness, he left a lasting impact on the game. His ability to anticipate plays and make precise tackles earned him recognition among his peers and coaches alike.

The Transition to Hollywood

While his football career was flourishing, this budding star began to feel the pull of another passion: acting. With an innate talent for performing, he decided to explore the world of entertainment further. Soon after retiring from football, he made his way to Los Angeles, where he embarked on a new journey in Hollywood.

His early days in Tinseltown were not without challenges. Like many aspiring actors, he faced rejection and setbacks. However, his determination and unwavering commitment to his craft propelled him forward. Gradually, he began to land small roles and gain recognition for his acting abilities.

From the Gridiron to the Silver Screen

As the years went by, this former football player made a name for himself in Hollywood. His breakthrough role came in a critically acclaimed film, catapulting him to stardom. Audiences were captivated by his on-screen presence and the versatility he brought to each character he portrayed.

Since then, he has graced the big screen in numerous blockbuster movies, earning accolades and a dedicated fan base along the way. His ability to seamlessly transition from intense action roles to heartfelt dramas has solidified his status as one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors.

The Legacy Lives On

Despite his success in Hollywood, this actor has never forgotten his roots in football. He has been an active supporter of various charitable organizations that promote sports and provide opportunities for aspiring athletes. Through his philanthropic efforts, he continues to inspire future generations to pursue their dreams both on and off the field.

In conclusion, the actor who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969 left an indelible mark on both the football field and the silver screen. His journey from a talented athlete to a Hollywood star is a testament to his unwavering dedication, passion, and ability to excel in multiple fields. Whether on the gridiron or in front of the camera, this actor continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charisma.


1. Who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969?

Barry Livingston.

2. Is Barry Livingston more known for his acting career or his football career?

Barry Livingston is more known for his acting career.

3. What is Barry Livingston’s most famous acting role?

Barry Livingston is best known for his role as Ernie Douglas on the television show “My Three Sons”.

4. Did Barry Livingston ever play a regular season game for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, Barry Livingston did not play a regular season game for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

5. What position did Barry Livingston play in football?

Barry Livingston played as a wide receiver in football.

6. Why did Barry Livingston’s football career not take off?

Barry Livingston’s football career did not take off primarily because he sustained a knee injury.

7. Did Barry Livingston have any football experience prior to being drafted by the Steelers?

Yes, Barry Livingston had played football in college for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

8. What are some other notable actors who have had a football career?

Some other notable actors who have had a football career include Jim Brown, Terry Crews, and Carl Weathers.

9. How did Barry Livingston transition from football to acting?

Barry Livingston transitioned from football to acting by taking acting classes and auditioning for roles.

10. What other significant roles has Barry Livingston played in his acting career?

Apart from “My Three Sons,” Barry Livingston has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, including “Mad Men” and “Argo”.