The Incredible Cast of 'What Love Got to Do with It': Exploring the Talented Actors Behind the Iconic Film

The Incredible Cast of ‘What Love Got to Do with It’: Exploring the Talented Actors Behind the Iconic Film

The movie ‘What Love Got to Do with It’ is a biographical film that tells the story of the life and career of Tina Turner, a legendary singer and performer. Released in 1993, the film received critical acclaim for its compelling portrayal of Turner’s tumultuous life, and its success was largely attributed to the incredible cast of talented actors who brought the story to life on the big screen.

Angela Bassett as Tina Turner

Leading the cast in a career-defining performance, Angela Bassett completely immersed herself in the role of Tina Turner. Bassett’s portrayal of Turner’s resilience, strength, and vulnerability earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Her nuanced and powerful performance remains one of the highlights of the film.

Laurence Fishburne as Ike Turner

Playing the complex and notorious character of Ike Turner, Laurence Fishburne delivered a fearless and intense performance. Fishburne skillfully portrayed the charm and charisma of Turner, as well as the darker aspects of his personality. His chemistry with Angela Bassett was palpable, creating a dynamic and emotionally charged on-screen relationship.

Jenifer Lewis as Zelma Bullock

In the role of Tina Turner’s mother, Jenifer Lewis brought depth and complexity to Zelma Bullock. Lewis’s portrayal revealed the struggles and sacrifices that Zelma made to support her daughter’s career, as well as the challenges she faced in her own life. Lewis’s natural comedic timing added moments of lightness and humor to the film.

Phyllis Yvonne Stickney as Alline Bullock

Playing Tina Turner’s older sister, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney brought warmth and sisterly love to the character of Alline Bullock. Stickney’s performance highlighted the close bond between Tina and Alline, as well as the shared experiences they had growing up. Her compassionate portrayal added depth to the family dynamic depicted in the film.

Supporting Cast

In addition to the main cast, ‘What Love Got to Do with It’ featured a talented ensemble of actors who contributed to the film’s success. Notable performances include Vanessa Bell Calloway as Jackie, Tina Turner’s best friend, and Chi McBride as Fross, Ike Turner’s friend and band member. Each actor brought their own unique contributions to the film, adding layers of authenticity and depth to the story.

The Impact of the Cast’s Performances

The incredible performances by the cast of ‘What Love Got to Do with It’ were instrumental in bringing Tina Turner’s story to life on the big screen. Their dedication, talent, and commitment to their roles allowed audiences to connect emotionally with the characters and their experiences. The chemistry and dynamic between the actors created a compelling and believable portrayal of the tumultuous relationship between Tina and Ike Turner.


The cast of ‘What Love Got to Do with It’ delivered outstanding performances that have stood the test of time. Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburne, Jenifer Lewis, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, and the rest of the ensemble cast brought authenticity, depth, and emotional resonance to their roles, making the film a truly iconic and unforgettable cinematic experience. Their performances continue to be celebrated and praised, cementing their place in the history of great film performances.


Who played the role of Tina Turner in ‘What Love Got to Do with It’?

The role of Tina Turner was played by Angela Bassett.

Who portrayed Ike Turner in the film?

Laurence Fishburne portrayed the character of Ike Turner.

How did Angela Bassett prepare for her role as Tina Turner?

Angela Bassett prepared for her role as Tina Turner by undergoing intense physical training and vocal lessons to accurately portray the iconic singer.

Did Tina Turner provide any input for the film?

Yes, Tina Turner served as a consultant for the film and provided valuable insights and input to ensure its authenticity.

Who played the role of Rhonda Graam, Tina Turner’s longtime manager and friend?

Penny Johnson Jerald portrayed the character of Rhonda Graam in the film.

What challenges did the actors face while portraying their characters?

The actors faced the challenge of accurately portraying real-life individuals and their complex relationships, as well as capturing the emotional and physical struggles they endured.

Was the film a commercial success?

Yes, ‘What Love Got to Do with It’ was both a critical and commercial success, receiving numerous awards and nominations.

Did Angela Bassett receive any recognition for her portrayal of Tina Turner?

Yes, Angela Bassett received widespread acclaim for her performance as Tina Turner and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

What impact did the film have on Tina Turner’s career?

The film revitalized Tina Turner’s career, making her an even bigger cultural icon and introducing her legendary music to a new generation.

Are there any memorable scenes or moments from the film?

Yes, there are several iconic scenes in the film, including the recreation of Tina Turner’s electrifying performances and the intense confrontations between Tina and Ike Turner.